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Welcome to The Wild Foodies of Philly! 

Our main mission is to educate the public on the many uses of wild plants and animals for food, fiber, and medicine.(see free educational documents below) Wild edible plants and animals are the only truly sustainable food source, in that nature, not humans, determines whether they survive and thrive. So, it's important that we respect and explore nature and all of its uses.

The Wild Foodies was also founded in response to several serious concerns, to include: the public's reliance on cultivated & hybrid foods and their effect on our health, conventional farming practices, the use of chemicals and GMOs, and the degradation of organic standards. 

Foraging is surging in popularity globally.  And the Wild Foodies of Philly is one of the largest foraging MEETUP Groups in the world.  It's important to note that this is a collaborative effort.  We are a group of wild foods enthusiasts who came together in the summer of 2010 to learn more about wild edibles, both plants and animals (although we focus mainly on plants).  We are also interested in "wild medicinals", "wild fibers", "preserving through drying and fermentation", ... anything wild, really.

Members are invited to come on as many tours as you like.  Some are free and some have fees.  The more you tour, the more you'll learn!  The important thing is for people to come together to help each other identify, discuss, incorporate nature into their everyday lives. We really encourage you to keep your own scrapbook on these plants and animals.  And below there's lots of reference material to help get you started.

POSTING GUIDELINES: Any member can send an email to the group and post a meetup, if the event is within approximately 50 miles of Philadelphia. You just need to make “wild plants and/or animals" (for food, fiber, or medicine) the focus of your email or meetup, and not a minor feature.  You do not need any knowledge of plants if you are simply organizing a group walk to learn about plants (as a collaborative exercise) and not charging a fee. If you need to control the size of the group, then you must contact me so that I can make you an "event organizer".  Don't get too concerned about scheduling a meetup at the same time as other meetups. Our membership is big enough at this point that it shouldn't matter.

I do free tour leader training and also lead free private tours on weekdays for students, chefs, and other interested groups. I also do free group tours in the Art Museum/Lemon Hill area. My contact info is below.  For other tour guides, scroll down to j0115834 LOCAL PROFESSIONALS & GROUPS.

Munch on! With Care!

Lynn Landes, founder
217 S. Jessup Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107 / 215-629-3553
Use my cell phone only if you are late for a tour: 714-204-2690

j0115834Help spread the word with our calling card & postcard! 


Download our FREE Wild Foodies of Philly Field Guides, etc: (geared to Philadelphia, PA, work-in-progress, corrections & comments welcome)

1-PAGE WONDERS: (set margins to .5 inches)

FIELD GUIDES: (set margins to .5 inches)

HARVEST CALENDARS:(set margins to .5 inches)

j0115834 Get a "Drain Spade" for digging deep taproots of burdock, thistles, etc:

NOTE: Some plants I would highly recommend for your vegetable garden are: Amaranth, Lamb's Quarters, Purslane, Sow Thistle, and Field Mustard!
NOTE: For a great over-all medicinal herb, get to know the "Plantain" -


STUDY GROUPS:  Open meetups are great, but we also need to build local 'wild edible' communities where we live.  We have members from several states and surrounding counties, but no one knows where the other lives!  So, please consider starting a Wild Edibles STUDY GROUP in your neighborhood or region.  This is a great opportunity to meet people who live near you and are also interested in wild edibles. FOR EXAMPLE, just post a meetup on our page and call it "The South Philly Study Group", letting people know that your meetup is only for South Philly residents.  You can also start a photo album featuring your local members.  And, consider posting your meetings on community callendars and local papers. People really deserve to know about this subject which is so vital to our health and well being. One of our members started his own group in Bucks County --, which is another option.


Soil Testing:






INVASIVES (a realistic approach): Rambunctious Garden by Emma Marris

MUSHROOMS: This is not a subject that the Wild Foodies of Philly specializes in, at this time.


ALL USES:  Native American Ethnobotany by Daniel E. Moerman







Anita M. McKelvey  


Abbie Rosner, culinary historian: Ancient Foodways in the Contemporary Galilee Landscape!

LOCAL FOOD PROJECTS: Please work with your local urban garden folks and others to also grow & harvest wild edibles, because many are already there!


2016 Winter/Spring MAPLE TREE TAPPING In Philadelphia - Think Maple Syrup!

Pennypack Park -  All About Maples, February 13, 1 pm, How to tap a tree (adult oriented) 

Wissahickon Park - Maple Sugar Day! Saturday, February 27 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Fox Chase Farm – Maple Sugar Day Festival! March 5, 12-4 ($3) is under the management of Pennypack park

WILD LIFE: pretty much just small critters and insects (entomophagy)