The Wild Foodies of Philly
   In search of the food beneath our feet!


PLANT IDENTIFICATION APPs: Get an app, then make a LIST of the plants in your yard, neighborhood, and nearby parks, and then MATCH them to their plant profile link. It's a fantastic journey of endless discoveries!  Apps are indispensible for identifying plants. That said, none of these Plant ID apps is 100% accurate, nor do they provide good info on plant usage for food, fiber, medicine, and more. That is why, in tandem with your app, you should also use, which publishes plant uses. Currently, I'm using the PictureThis, but haven't done a complete review of all the apps.


Primitive "digging stick" info:

Shovel Manufacturers:

Get a "DRAIN SPADE" for digging deep taproots of burdock, thistles, etc:

Soil Testing: