The Wild Foodies of Philly
   In search of the food beneath our feet!


GAME: search for "game meat for sale"

NOTE: In the U.S. and in PA selling wild game meat is illegal. Any meat labeled wild game comes from animals fenced in, raised, inspected and processed just like any other livestock. This law is meant to prevent over-harvest of wild animals sold to the market, which occurred early on in U.S. history, and left some species of game animals extinct or endangered. The only legal means to obtain truly wild game meat in PA is to hunt it yourself, or to be gifted it from someone who hunted it (selling or bartering is not allowed, even amongst friends). Road kill is also another way, with a salvage permit. I would suggest people look up the PA Game Commission for rules and regulations. Lenny

WILD CRITTERS - ENTOMOPHAGY (pretty much just small critters and insects)