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parts of a tree



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Parts of a Tree - Trees & Forests - Science Grade 6




- Absorb water and nutrients from soil

- Store sugar and anchor the tree in the ground



- Supports the grown and gives the tree its shape and strength

Consists of a network of tubes that run between the roots and leaves

This is how nutrients from the soil reach the leaves



- Leaves and branches at the top of the tree


Bark    [Outer bark and Inner Bark]

- Outer Bark protects the tree from insects extreme temperature, disease and storms

- Inner barks (phloem):  Caries sugar and nutrients (sap) from the leaves to the rest of the tree.



- Between the outer bark and the inner bark

- A very thin layer of growing tissue that produces new cells, xylem, phloem or more cambium.


Xylem or Sapwood

- has a network of thick walled cells that bring water and nutrients up from the roots to the leaves and other parts of the tree.



- As the tree grows, Xylem cells die to form the heartwood.

- The heartwood supports the tree to give it its strength. 



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 Often, trees or parts of trees that offer the most habitat are condemned as 'Defects'. Trees offer a diversity of habitat features that can only be found in and among 'Old Trees'. The illustration above shows some such features.  Illustration: Brian French