The Wild Foodies of Philly

  In search of the food beneath our feet!



STUDY GROUPS:  Open meetups are great, but we also need to build local 'wild edible' communities where we live.  We have members from several states and surrounding counties, but no one knows where the other lives!  So, please consider starting a Wild Edibles STUDY GROUP in your neighborhood or region.  This is a great opportunity to meet people who live near you and are also interested in wild edibles. FOR EXAMPLE, just post a meetup on our page and call it "The South Philly Study Group", letting people know that your meetup is only for South Philly residents.  You can also start a photo album featuring your local members.  And, consider posting your meetings on community callendars and local papers. People really deserve to know about this subject which is so vital to our health and well being. One of our members started his own group in Bucks County --, which is another option.